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Speaker daughter "Beats" finishes UDX which makes her a VCD 4!!! This girl has accomplished everything and more in her career: a Champion Tracker, my first MACH, my first SH, and now my first UDX and first VCD 4! What can I say about her that says it all..........she's a team player, and I'm just so grateful that she's on my team!! What an achiever she is. CT MACH 3 Tailwind's Beatsfeetn Boogie VCD 4, RA, SH, WCX, ADHF

I am so grateful to Speaker and Flicker for Beats, my gem!!

MACH 3 CT Tailwind's Beatsfeetn Boogie VCD 3, RA, SH, WCX, ADHF earned her Senior Hunter title on Sept 19-20 at back to back Senior tests at the Michigan Flyway Hunt Test Club's test at Omega Farms in Williamston, Mi. on their beautiful 600 acres of land and ponds. Beats really did some excellent work, earning very nice compliments from both sets of judges on her marking, her steadiness, and her style. Beats has a habit of leaping up and taking my hat off my head after each series, and draws laughs from the gallery. All training has been without the e-collar, relying strictly on Lorie's expertise and guidance. Beats and I are grateful for all the coaching, helping both of us to understand our jobs and develop our teamwork!!!!!

This is my first Senior title and a very special journey!


MACH 3 CT Tailwind's Beatsfeetn Boogie VCD 3, RA, JH, WCX, ADHF and Tanbarks Fireworks of Tailwind VCD 2, RA, TDX, JH, AX, AXJ, WCX 2 Speaker kids get their first Senior pass at Fox Valley Retriever club, Kenosha, Wi. on Sunday July 12th. This would never have happened without the insight of Lorie. These 2 dogs were trained without an E-Collar and totally with Lorie's book and phone # in my back pocket! My thanks to her and her unending patience in improving my handling and sharing my belief that the relationship with my dog comes first and foremost on the training field. We continue to improve, and the Senior title is within our grasp!!! - Barb Mattheis