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Another Great Speaker Kid!


d'Alex Childers, owner of Chat, writes...

"SR Alahna Gar Fireside Chat, JH (Speaker x Fireside Tabitha), earned 3 NAHRA Started legs last fall, with the last leg earned the first of March 2002. His 1st JH leg was earned the end of March 2002, with the Lab Club, Inc., and was awarded with the Lab Club of the Potomac on May 4, 2002. In between the two titles he even qualified at a JH sanctioned trial for the Rappahannock Club - with great compliments from the judges on his performance!"

The second picture is Chat with his only friend.....he loves that purple ball! He cries to it when it gets away from him as he chases it; he cries to it as he chews on it. He must have the purple one....none of the others in the exercise yard will do. Chat's mother, d'Alex Childers, absolutely adores this little red boy dog."

If this picture is fuzzy, it's because this boy is in constant motion!