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Fireside's A Dash Of This, is now a T.D.X.! Dasher lived up to his name and "dashed" through a TDX track at the St. Louis GRC test in December, 2003. This was Dasher's first TDX attempt. He is two and a half years old. Dash completed his 964 yard track in just 13 minutes. He is owned, trained and loved by Denise Whitfield. Denise reports "Dasher ran an amazing track, just flying through two obstacles of woods and through a creek. We had a heart stopping moment when he flushed a rabbit on a turn two hundred yards from the end. I was so thrilled at his ability to return to his track and finish with wonderful intensity. Dasher has tremendous desire and ability in his tracking work. It was just a joy and honor to run him in this test. Special thanks to Lorie Jolly and Susan Shelmadine for this wonderful dog and to our tracking mentors, Barb Mattheis, Sandy Ganz and Jay and Judy Oxley."

Photos by David L. Whitfield Photography