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A Speaker's Kid Page


Echo (pup from Mr. Speaker and Quartermoon Elster Mew whelped April 2001), is now 16 months old. He has no titles, no ribbons or trophies, and no initials following his name. He is however truly a champion in his own right! Echo has a wonderfully delightful and playful personality; he's a true cross between Gomer Pyle and Forrest Gump. He is truly the most loving, adorable, "settled" GR pup I have ever met; snugglier than one I have ever known. We so love him dearly. I asked Andy to pick me out the most perfect pup for my family; he did just that! He knows and responds extremely well to all basic obedience commands, he heels wonderfully on lead with formal sits on all stops, he runs freely throughout our property as he has learned from our 2year old Golden not to breech any of the three boundaries of the yard (side yard fence, street curb and far side of the driveway). He does seem to have his own unique way of doing just about everything. Among his favorite things in life, he enjoys with all his heart his not-so-stuffed-anymore "babies" (including duckie, rocket ball and bear-bear); the family kitty, whom he loves dearly except when he gets into his basket bed; (consequently kitty-kitty loves Echo dearly in return providing daily grooming and ear washings; only cat I know that coughs up "golden" hairballs *L! Echo loves equally his step-sissy and number one opponent in "keep away" games, our two year old GR, Cedar, all of his human family and friends as well as all the other humans in the world he doesn't know but still loves dearly! He waits patiently for the moments when Kona (family parrot) drops her fried chicken or cheese-its, and finds comfort in all napping apparatus, including every bed, sofa, blanket, rug, cushion and/or pillow in the house! When he gets sleepy during the day he heads for his basket bed or crate and at night he finds all night comfort and coolness sleeping in the bathtub.

Photos attached were taken after his bath which he also loves, including having his fur dried with the hairdryer afterwards. During his last visit to the vet (two weeks ago), he received his "home again" microchip, his first "real" big boy rabies shot and lots of kisses from all the staff whom he also loves dearly. He now weighs 74 pounds and is 27" at the withers. I hope all of his littermates are doing as well, are as loved and loves life as much as our Echo does.

Submitted by Debbey Hester (Echo's mom)