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Morningstar of Edinburgh JH WC, "Edie", earned her JH title on June 2, 2001 in four straight tests. Edie is owned by Dennis McConnell. Edie 's dam is Can. CH Wingmaster Winsm Morningstar CDX MH ,WCX Can. CD,WCX

According to our calculations (???) , Jordie's recent accomplishment completes Winnie's point requirements to make her an OUTSTANDING DAM from her first litter, (the Scotland litter) sired by AFC Rosehill's Mr. Speaker MH OS! What a thrill for us- after waiting so long to get involved in breeding.

We are very proud of all Winnie's kids, and heartily thank all the wonderful people who share their lives and talents developing their potential.

Her qualifying Outstanding progeny are:

OTCH Morningstar's Highland Games UDX, OBHF - Leslie Stanley
Morningstar's Just MacJordie OA, AXJ - Donna Anderson
Morningstar Of Edinburgh CDX, SH, ** , WCX, Can.CD, Can.WC - Ginnie Pastor

Other titled littermates include :

Morningstar Clad In Plaid CD WC CGC TDI - Carol Stroia and Ginnie Pastor
Morningstar's Rainbow Skye CD, CGC - Tricia Brandt

We are also pleased with the talented get (who may also get a shot in the show ring : ) from Winnie's second litter (the Apple litter) :

Morningstar Candy Apple Red VCD1 CD TD OA NAJ - Cindy and Mike Mildbrand
Morningstar American Beauty JH WC (3 SH legs) 2 pts. - Ginnie Pastor
Morningstar Apellation JH WC (2 SH legs) - Dennis McConnell

At 9, Winnie has slowed down a bit, but is still thrilled to be working several days a week. She will continue to run some qualifying stakes this fall, and will (finally) get to work on her UD over the winter. If time permits, maybe we will even do a few veterans classes in the breed ring. In between, Winnie thoroughly enjoys her job as grandma, and official puppy disciplinarian.

Thanks to Winnie's breeder Helene Friedwald for trusting us with this special girl, who gives us so much. And thanks to Lorie Jolly for Speaker's contributions to this very special litter, and her generous support of our little "show girl". ;-) We will continue on the path of all the breeders who came before us to make the dream of excellent all-purpose golden retrievers a reality.

Our sincere thanks to all, Ginnie and Dennis