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Nancy Cameron of Hallieford, Virginia, writes:

Sandhau's Flying Buddy Flinn CDX NA NAJ CGC: "Flinn" is my dog out of Speaker. I did the breeding in 2000 with Speaker and my Breeze and have been thrilled with Flinn. She is exceptional and versatile. My 2 legged boy is just 5 months younger than Flinn and we were blessed with the perfect dog to raise him. She has Speaker's gentle temperament and my son, Ian, could walk Flinn anywhere when they were both only a year old.

She has been easy to train and loves going in a show or going in a boat and beach. My 13 year old daughter has completely trained Flinn in agility and easily gotten NAJ and NA titles with all first places. The young team cannot wait to competed in on open and excellent in the Fall. Last spring in a 5 week period, Flinn finished her CD in Novice B with a 195 and 2nd place, finished training for CDX level, got 2 CDX legs with good scores and placements, placed 1st in her first legs of NA and NAJ, and received her 2nd JH leg. I have trouble with 3 young children finding time to train and compete in hunt tests.

Even though Flinn has had few formal training sessions, she seems a natural, is a fine marker, and has easily gotten 3 JH legs with lots of "nice working dog" comments. She will continue fieldwork competitions after a break for July 4th puppies. My 2 legged and 4 legged daughters cannot wait until maternity leave is over so they can continue in agility and of course Flinn and I look forward to UD level in obedience. I have included photos from her last agility show and a photo which appeared in our local paper of the team of Flinn and Heather.

Her dates of titles are as follows:

CD April 13, 2004 Finished title with a 2nd place in Novice B and 195

CDX Jan 23, 2005 Finished title with a 1st place and 195 and HS Golden

NAJ April 10, 2005 Junior Handled

NA April 16, 2005 Junior Handled