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Speaker kids,I Am I Can, MH, AX, AXJ, Rosehill's Talking Water, MH, MX, MXJ,and River Ranch Heart of Fire, RE, AX, AXJ, CGC Speaker grand kid! Family reunion shot at an agility trial.
Speaker granddaughter Lilli ( River Ranch Heart of Fire) out of River Ranch Fieldgold Dandy(Speaker & River Ranch Grace with Style daughter), shown with her aunt, Gabby (Fireside Talk of the Town), who is the daughter of Speaker and Fireside Terrible Twos. Gabby is owned by Michele Fletcher and Lilli by Pamelia Hawk. Michele and Pamelia have both dogs in training in Obedience, Agility and Field with Diane Fyfe of RPO and they are a blast to train. Both are very eager and quick learners. Pamelia reports it is interesting watching the two of them grow and train.