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Just wanted to give everyone an update on Maggie (Firesides Just Plain Maggie). She has just completed the first couple months of training With Tom Masella from Marion, Kansas. He did the basic training for both of the Corbin's Speaker kids so he came highly recommended and I have to say I am very pleased.

We had been waiting for some cold weather so we would have a chance for a successful hunt. On December 23rd we got our wish. All told we shot 2 limits of ducks and Maggie was able to get retrieves in both river and open water conditions. Her first retrieve in open water she needed a little coaxing to swim out and get it but after that first icy reward she was hitting the frigid waters without hesitation. I am so proud I can hardly contain myself. Since that day we have been out several more times and I am proud to say that she is taking note when birds begin to work us and seems to be marking the falls pretty well. She has even tackled dragging a goose about 10 feet out of the water. Not a particularly graceful retrieve but I was impressed she would even attempt it without having had any introductions to the big birds up to that point.

Thanks go out to everyone.

Lorri and Susan for a great dog.

The Corbins for the advice and encouragement.

And Tom for bringing Maggie and I to the point we are at now.

Mark and Maggie