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Sweetwater Maverick

Maverick has been a very steady performer in the hunt test game, and has great enthusiasm for his work. He usually covers the last few yards to the bird in a couple of long leaps, letting out a couple of woofs as he pounces on the bird. It's pretty hilarious to watch when you're the bird boy. He earned his UH (upland hunter) title in March of '06, and went on to earn his HRCH on 8/26/07. He's been consistent enough to reach 500 points at the Kankakee River HRC spring test on 4/18/09, which is a very short time when you factor in our long winters up here. I've taken him on my hunting trips to Saskatchewan for ducks and geese, and to Iowa for pheasant hunting. He's been a joy to hunt with, always wanting to please, and very calm in the blind. He loves his work!

SHR Sweetwater Maverick, 4/9/03, owned by Janet and John McKellop of Michigan. Maverick earned his Started Hunting Retriever UKC title with 5 passes out of 5 tests by the time he turned 1 year old. He has excellent marking skills, and we will be seeing him move on up to his HR and Senior titles this summer. He also has that wonderful Golden temperament! Maverick is a Speaker boy out of HR Rippling Run Good Golly Molly, CDX, MH, WCX.