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"Evaretta and Nick"

HRCH SUNNY DAWN'S UP ON THE ROOFTOP JH, aka "Nick", and owner/handler Evaretta Tibbs completed their HRCH title at the Retrievers Unlimited event on October 13, 2001. Nick completed all 6 marks with no handles and did a great job on the blinds. Keep your eye on this up and coming working Golden!

Evaretta writes....

N -

Nick is the neatest dog I have worked with due to his capacity for versatility.

I -

Nick is interesting - his personality interests me the most.

C -

is for Courage - Nick fears nothing. Rough terrain, big water, big marks, or tough blinds!

K -

a kick. Nick is definitely a hoot!

Nick is 2 1/2 yrs now (Nov 2001) and his best work is yet to come! His attitude and ability excites me and I look forward to being by his side. He is my first field dog and has made the experience phenomenal.

Watch for his accomplishments in the next 2 years. Thank you to Cliff and Helen Romain, as well as "Ruby", Lorie [Jolly], and Mr. Speaker for the chance to work with such a talented, enjoyable and complete companion. I have worked with a variety of dogs in 40 years but Nick puts the "gold" in Golden. He defines the standard of a true Golden.