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HRCH Firesides Talking Susie WCX

Susie is out of Firesides Ginger ll and by AFC AFTC Rosehill's Mr. Speaker. She was born March 19th 2002. I started her in the seasoned hunt tests June 18, 2004 and completed her finished title on October 2, 2004 with 8 straight passes and a 9th pass for her WCX title. This is my first effort at age 62 of training a retriever and give special thanks to the members of the Manitowoc County Kennel Club [Wisconsin] for their help and letting me train with them. A special thanks goes to Steve Lubner for helping lay down the basics in her training. She learns quickly and surprises me often especially at tests where I run across things like working from a table in knee deep water that I had never trained for. She jumped up like she had always done it. I will pursue the Master Hunter title next spring and continue to build points with the UKC. I think the only thing that will stop her is my inexperience in training and handling, but I have already decided that I will not send her away because neither she nor I would like that. Did I mention that her hips received an excellent, or that I am very proud of her?
Bernell Redeker
Elkhart Lake, WI