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Fireside's Talltail Trexler, owned by Bradley Gammons of Baltimore, MD, was whelped on March 19, 2002 from Fireside Retrievers' Ginger and Rosehill's Mr. Speaker. Trexler has a wonderful temperament with anyone he meets while on walks in the city, including other animals. He is an angel around kids and the elderly. Trexler listens is so well behaved, that he is allowed into the many restaurants and bars in the neighborhood! His favorite things to do are of course retrieving his ball (or whatever is thrown for him), performing his vast number of tricks, giving hugs and kisses, and a smile to anyone who sees him. On trips to the country he immediately finds the water for a swim. Future work includes CGC and more field work in the summer of 2004.

The pictures below are of Trexler @ 9 months in November of 2002 and @ 22 months old in December of 2003. I took these pictures over the holidays while visiting my parents at their new house on the water in NC.